(Yahoo!) - Hayden Panettiere recently got engaged to her heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko and, though she's kept the details about the proposal relatively quiet, she's explaining for the first time what happened when she agreed to say "I do."

While she revealed to E! News in October that the proposal was "romantic," when she stopped by to chat with "The Insider" on the red carpet at the Golden Globes Sunday night she couldn't help but spill the details about the special moment.

"I appreciated the simplicity of it because it was in raw form," she revealed about her intimate, at-home moment. "It was, 'This is me, do you want this or not?' No hiding, it wasn't hidden by Wlad or anything crazy, but it was very sweet."

Though the "Nashville" star's fiancé was the one to ask her to marry him, she revealed back in October that she had a big part in designing her 6-carat dazzler with Montblanc.

"They made me this amazing book where they did a bunch of sketches,” the 24-year-old told E! News. "I told them my idea over time and, tweaking things here and there, it came to fruition."

Check out this video to see how Hayden's wedding plans are coming along!

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