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(Yahoo!) -Here's a friendly little PSA for the country-music lovin' Twitter users out there. If you all happen to be in the habit of eating your lunch or dinner while checking your social media, you may want to avoid Jake Owen's Twitter account for a few days.

The hitmaker, who was in a go-kart accident last month that shattered his hand, announced this week that he has had the tip of his right ring finger amputated as a result of complications during recovery. In case you don't believe him, here's proof (do not click if you are squeamish --it is very graphic).

Owen also posted a less, er, revealing shot of his condition on Twitter, noting that he'd met a fan who had the same situation going on."Straight nubs," he joked.

Amazingly, Owen was still able to perform a scheduled free concert in Nashville on Monday, which was the same day he had the fingertip removed. Reportedly, he tried to convince his doctors to wait one day for the surgery so he could get the show under his belt, but they insisted on going forth.

Ever the professional, Owen bandaged up and played anyway, sans body part."Yeah, it hurts," he admitted to the Tennessean. Now that's dedication!

Owen sustained the hand injury racing go-karts against professional NASCAR drivers Kevin Harvickand Clint Bowyer. It's unclear if he will be able to play guitar again, but he says he's going to try.

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