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The Cadillac Three frontman Jaren Johnston admits the group doesn't really enjoy making music videos. 

The country star tells Rolling Stone they find the process "so tedious," and they aren't fond of "the makeup and all that."  But he says the people who worked on their video for"Party Like You" were all "really good." 

Jaren adds that it wasn't all that demanding for the band.  He explains that they just "drank beer for 12 hours and then got on the bus and left." 

Jaren also appreciates the location chosen for the clip.  The shoot took place in East Nashville, about a mile from where the singer grew up.  He says video features "all of those elements of debauchery from a crazy night, all these little subplots that don't make sense," so filming it where he was "running around as a kid" was "pretty perfect." 

The Cadillac Three unveiled their "Party Like You" video today. Watch below!