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Lady Gaga appeared on Monday's "Good Morning America" with a special "Wizard Of Oz"-themed performance of her new single.  The star tweeted a photo of the movie's iconic Yellow Brick Road on Friday, announcing that she would be treating morning-show watchers to a "'Gaga of Oz' theatrical rendition" of "Applause."  She later teased fans with a short rhyme reading "When Dorothy goes GLAM/ Snatches all the weaves of OZ/ Outsmarting the Wicked West/ as she thrills for your APPLAUSE."  

Meantime, the star is making headlines for a strange get-up she wore on Saturday, as New York Fashion Week kicked off.  Gaga was photographed with gray cloth mask covering her entire face, along with a long black wig, an oversized latex shirt and sky-high heels.   She was seen being led around by her bodyguard and attended a party being hosted by "V Magazine." 

Check out her GMA performance: