Brad Paisley is a man of many talents, and now the singer has revealed a secret talent.

Brad was recently a guest on Country Countdown USA and the host, Lon Helton, visited Brad's California house. At the house, Lon spotted a painting on the wall. He was talking to Brad's son Huck at the time who said, "My daddy didn't paint that one."

Long was surprised and asked if his daddy paints. Huck said he did. Then he showed Lon a few of Brad's paintings.

Turns out Brad's pretty darn good. He says he started painting because his wife wanted an expensive picture.

Brad explained, "I said, 'I can do that.' It was some pretty simple landscape, and I said, 'I can do that.' She said, 'I've never done that, but I can do that.' So I bought some paints and did it. I drew my whole life, but didn't paint. Painting is different thing than drawing. It's moving things around on a canvas with a brush, knowing what happens when they combine. I've gotten better at it. But it's fun to do."

Brad better get lots of painting done soon since he may not have much time for painting once his new album Moonshine in the Trunk hits stores on August 26.