Mom Who Raised 4 Kids Is Surprised With Photo She's Dreamed Of For 12 Years

Terri McCaffrey of Albertville, Alabama raised all four of her daughters completely on her own.

As a single mom, Terri struggled to make ends meet. She never had the chance to go to college and would often work several jobs to support them.

Decades later, Terri has four beautiful and successful grown daughters.

After Terri’s first daughter Amber got married 12 years ago, she decided she wanted a photo of all four daughters wearing their wedding dresses.

“I can look at it and I can see what I accomplished,” she said. “They’re my life so I think I done good.”

12 years passed by. And then, in December 2017, Nikki was the last daughter to get married. But what Terri didn’t know was that she, Amber, Kasey and Skylar had secretly gotten together…

Photo: Little Things


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