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Here's How Jason & Brittany Aldean Teamed Up To Prank Lauren Alaina

Photo: Getty Images

Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, prank called country singer-songwriter Lauren Alaina — and her reaction was perfect.

Jason and Brittany joined forces to pull an epic prank call, putting Alaina on speaker as she seemed to think she was only talking with Brittany. Brittany, however, wore a pair of noise-canceling headphones the entire time. She couldn’t hear anything Alaina was saying, and only responded to her by lip-reading whatever Jason said.

The phone call started as a casual conversation, but Alaina grew concerned and repeatedly asked Brittany whether she was OK (and let out a big laugh when she asked Brittany whether she was drunk and Brittany said, “maybe”).

“Has something happened?” Alaina asked, and Brittany said, “yo mama.” Jason quietly tried to hide his laughter in his hoodie.

When Jason and Brittany revealed that it was a prank, Alaina laughed and said, “I thought you were having a stroke…I’m in Texas and I thought I’m gonna have to fly home! She called me, she needs me!”

“Hahhahahhahahahha,” Alaina wrote in the comments when the Aldeans shared the clip on Monday (January 9). “I love you.”

The Aldeans previously shared a video of the same prank pulled on “Country On” star, Luke Bryan. During that prank call, Jason wore the noise-canceling headphones and Brittany suggested responses. Watch their latest prank against Alaina here:

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